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Obtain all of the House pages and produce your own coloring e book! To download our free coloring webpages, click on the House symbol you need to color.

necessitate, need, have to have, call for, desire, postulate, entail, request, get - have to have as handy, just, or right; "It will require nerve to do what she did"; "accomplishment typically involves labor"; "This task asks many tolerance and talent"; "This position needs a lot of private sacrifice"; "This evening meal requires a breathtaking dessert"; "This intervention isn't going to postulate a patient's consent"

› FINANCE, COMMERCE to write a Invoice of Trade (= document Employed in trade that orders payment for items or products and services):

1 : to lead to to maneuver repeatedly toward or following a drive used beforehand : pull draw your chair up by the hearth : like a : to move (a little something, for instance a covering) around or to one aspect draw the drapes b : to pull up or out of a receptacle or put wherever seated or carried draw water within the nicely

interpret, represent - produce a picture or likeness of; "The painter represented his spouse to be a youthful Woman"

Portray, drawing & printing airbrush brushstroke brushwork chiaroscuro colour sth in drew engraving etching confront portray foreshorten illustrate painting pentimento picturize redraw retouch shade sketch stroke trace See a lot more final results »

extract, pull out, pull up, draw out, take out, pull - take out, commonly with some power or effort; also used in an summary feeling; "pull weeds"; "extract a bad tooth"; "take out a splinter"; "extract information and facts with the telegram"

stretch - pull in opposite directions; "In the course of the Inquisition, the torturers would extend their victims with a rack"

Choosing the correct exterior house colours and exterior house colour mixtures can adjust your daily life. Here are some ideas on how to get it done.

a bridge (at the doorway into a castle) which can be pulled up or let down. ophaalbrug جِسْر مُتَحَرِّك подвижен мост ponte levadiça padací most die Zugbrücke vindebro κρεμαστή γέφυραpuente levadizo tõstesild پل متحرک nostosilta pont-levis גֶשֶר זָחִיח खींच कर पुल को बंद करने वाला तख्ता pokretni most felvonóhíd jembatan kerek vindubrú ponte levatoio はね橋 도개교(跳開橋) pakeliamasis tiltas rateļamais click here tilts jambatan angkat ophaalbrugvindebru most zwodzony متحرك پل ponte levadiça pod mobil подъёмный мост padací most dvižni most pokretni most vindbrygga, sväng-, klaffbro สะพานชัก açılıp kapanabilen asma köprü 吊橋 розвідний міст اٹھواں پل جسے گرایا یا اٹھایا جا سکے cầu kéo 吊桥

inventive creation, creative production, art - the development of attractive or significant things; "artwork doesn't must be revolutionary being excellent"; "I had been by no means any fantastic at artwork"; "he claimed that architecture would be the art of losing Place fantastically"

In a small dwelling Business office, mild neutral shades with many white trim and purely natural lights may give the Room an expansive glimpse and transform your productiveness.

Taking and choosing undertake adopted adoption appoint bags I... idiom draw sth off effortless option both-or elect empanel favoured go for sth picker plump Robin Hood decide on range selective selectively skim See much more benefits »

draw dollars/hard cash from sth Clients will likely be charged each time they draw cash in the funds dispensers.

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